Dry Goods and Wet Goods

A database (and someday a book) which includes known Jewish residents of Tacoma, Washington prior to 1900.

For additions, corrections, or requests for more information, please feel free to contact the author, Deb Freedman. Here is the author's brief (very brief) biography.

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First Synagogue in Tacoma
Dedicated September 11, 1893
Tacoma's Jewish Population in the 1800s

Abrams, Isaac and Esther. Eight children. Daughters b. San Francisco, Mrs. Solomon Rogers (Eva) (1865-1961), Mrs. Bene (Lizzie) Benjamin (1871-1937), Mrs. (Celia) Dave Shafer (1879-1963.) Sisters married in Tacoma 1898 and 1901 and stayed. Isaac Abrams in Seattle 1897-1900.

Ackerman, Simon and Ferdinand b. Ligonier, IN 1860s. Operated saloon in Tacoma 1890-1892. Returned to Indiana, married Schloss sisters.

Adler, Julius. In Tacoma about 1894-1900.

Andrews, Samuel A. Pawnbroker/jeweler, b. Chicago 1864, arr. Tacoma 1890, d. Tacoma 1940. Daughter Freda, (Mrs. Hillis Huston), son Sam Jr.

Ash, Archie S. Pawnbroker/jeweler, b. NY 1863, Tacoma 1889-1896, then Spokane, d. San Francisco 1940. Wife Rosie Jacobs, daughters Jeanette A (Lebo), Gertrude I, and Frances G.

Ascher, sisters Jette (Mrs. Solomon Zelinsky) and Jennie (Mrs. Julius Rammelsberg).

Bachrach, Joseph. Dry goods, born Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany, 1854, arr. Tacoma 1889, d. Tacoma 1930. Married Lucy Feist (1872-1961,) children Herbert and Erma. Partner Theo Feist.

Ball, Michael. Clothing, b. Wreschen, Poland, 1852. In Tacoma 1890-1896, then Spokane. Married Carrie Cohn, b. NY 1862, d. Spokane 1911. Children Bertram and Mabel. Probably remarried Anna. Where died?

Barlow, Rosalie. Widow, died Tacoma June 26, 1892, aged 45, in US 30 years, in Tacoma 5 years, operated boarding house.

Barnett. Mention Mrs. 1898-1899.

Basinski, Julius. Dry goods, b. Pakoscz, Germany, 1844, in Tacoma 1893-1910, then Wenatchee and Portland. Married Frances Bruce, (1865-1958.) Children Alma (Senders) and Bruce.

Benjamin, Bene. Clothing, b. Poland 1867, arrived Tacoma 1899, d. Tacoma 1959. Married Lizzie Abrams (1871-1937.) Sons Isadore, Frank, Elliott and Hiram.

Berliner, Henry. Dry goods, b. abt. 1861 in Germany, in Tacoma 1885-1891, then Portland, Aberdeen and Seattle. Married Regina (1872-1940) sons Max, Arthur, business partner Meyer Kaufman. Died Seattle 1921.

Bernhard, Jacob., dry goods, partner Chester Cleary, b. SF 1861, in Tacoma 1889-1895, then SF, d. SF 1931. Wife Fannie Lincoln (1866-1950), brothers Edward and Joseph, children Rhea (1892-1967), John Lincoln (1899-1990), and John Milton (1905-1987).

Bloom, Morris. Clothing, b. Hungary 1850, arr. Tacoma 1889, d. 1919. Married Jennie Adler, (1860-1949) d. San Francisco. Sons from first marriage, Nathan and Henry. Daughters Mrs. S.G. (Ella) Kaufman and Mrs. H.M. (Emma) Alexander.

Bloom, Jacob A. Liquor, b. Hungary 1853, arr. US 1886, in Tacoma 1889-1895, d. Skagway, Alaska, 1906, buried Tacoma, Wife Alice, brother Morris.

Broh, Max. Pawnbroker & cigars, b. Germany 1855, in Tacoma 1889-1891. Wife Lena Jacobs (1865-1919), children Harry, Sadie (Livingston) and Byron. d. Chicago 1910. Brother-in-law Archie Ash.

Bryer, Herman W. Fruits and cigars, b. Hungary 1867, arrived Tacoma 1885 from Colorado, bachelor. Home possibly Meadville, PA. Lost after 1929.

Caspar, J. Mention 1890.

Chapman, Ira H. dentist, Tacoma 1890-1891.

Cheim, George. Clothing, b. Germany 1859, arr. Tacoma 1889, to Hoquiam, WA bef. 1900, d. Santa Clara, CA 1947. Wife Theresa b. Germany 1859, children Viola, Irwin, Agnes Ruth, brothers Joseph & Morris.

Cheim, Joseph. Clothing, b. Germany 1857, in Olympia, WA 1878-1898, then Tacoma, d. Tacoma 1933. Wife Rose Davis (1866-1951), children Lillian, Eugene, Elsie (Mayur). Rose's mother Annie Packscher

Cheim, Morris. Clothing, b. Posen, Germany 1846, in Tacoma 1886, d. 1944. Wife Essie (Miller) b. Missouri 1875, d. 1927, son Herbert, daughter Mrs. (Natalie) Harry Taylor.

Cohen, Isaac Nathan. candy, partner Louis Wallerstein. b. San Francisco 1857. Tacoma 1884-1886 then San Francisco, d. San Francisco 1926. Sister Carrie (Wallerstein), wife Eva Levy (1866-1931), daughter Doris Zwerin Stamper (1889-1986).

Cohen, Max. Clothing, Seattle 1890's, Tacoma 1900's. Wife Elizabeth, children Harry, Lena, Saul, Mary. Grandson Myron Freyd (1917-1990) Bremerton.

Cohn, Max. Cigarmaker, b. Germany 1852, arr. Tacoma 1889, d. 1919. Married Fanny Wolff, (1864-1947) d. Seattle, children Leon, Irwin.

Cohn, Menteim. Clothing, b. Flatow Prussia, in Tacoma 1889-1897, d. Pittsburg, PA 1897. Sister Mary (Mrs. George Ball), partner Michael Ball, wife Freda.

Cohn, Samuel G. clerk in Tacoma 1891.

Coleman, Julius. Clothing, b. Germany 1832, arr. Tacoma 1882, partner S. Hirschfeld. Fire 1885, died Feb. 1887, buried Olympia. Wife Pauline d. San Francisco 1939, children Eli, Lewis, Zelma, Gustave and Arthur.

Dobrin, Morris., tailor, b. Zamter, Germany, 1830, in Steilacoom WA 1870, Olympia WA in 1872, Puyallup WA in 1882, Tacoma WA in 1889, d. in 1891, buried Olympia. Wife Bertha Lichtenstein (1832-1911), children Joseph(1856-1897), Mark (1857-1946), Celia (1859-1872), Rachel (1860-1947, Mrs. Julius Levy), Leopold (1862-1902), Esther (1864-1940, Mrs. Wolf Fleisher), and Samuel(1865-1930).

Donau, Simon S. Brewer, b. Germany 1833, in Tacoma 1889-1897, San Francisco 1898-1905, d. Los Angeles 1912. Wife Amelia (1841-1913) Daughters Bettina (Mrs. Albert Steinfeld), Florence I, Alice P, and Virginia (Mrs. A.J. Steinman). Sons Alfred S. and Hugo.

Dornberg, Isaac. Pawnbroker, b. Ger 1850, lived PA 1869, Butte Montana 1883, Tacoma 1890-1895, then Spokane, d. 1919, buried NY. Partner Archie Ash, first wife Mary Landsperger, second wife Nettie Barnhardt. Sons William and Leo, nieces Miss Etta Mann and Mrs. Max Ackermann.

Eckstein, William. Tailor and pawnbroker, b. Austria 1855, arr. Tacoma 1885, d. 1922. Married Rebecca Simon, b. England 1869, d. Tacoma 1929. Sons Alfred F (1893-1946) and Carl (1901-1985) a neon signmaker.

Einstein, Max and Benjamin, salesmen, b. 1845 and 1854, siblings of Belle Reichenbach. In Tacoma 1885-1890. Max went to Portland, Ben to California 1893, partner Isaac Cohen, died Oakland 1940.

Eisbert, Rabbi. From Vashon Island, led holiday services fall 1889. Possibly Louis Eisenbach?

Elkan, Albert, b. France 1851, SF 1878, Tacoma 1884-1885, then back to SF. Died there 1933. Wife Adeline Rheims (1858-1921), children Julia, Belle (Ralph Mandel), Arthur, Estelle (Hoin) and Lucille.

Feist, Theophil F. Dry goods, b. 1873 Alsace Lorraine, to Tacoma 1889, d. 1940. Married Jessie Levy (1887-1976), daughters Lucille (Mrs. Cecil Hurst) and Muriel (Winston.) Sister Lucy Feist married partner Joseph Bachrach.

Fisher, Robert. b. Exin, Posen, Prussia abt. 1855, d. Tacoma Oct. 8, 1877, buried Olympia. Sister Flora (Mrs. Meyer Kaufman.)

Fraley, Harry. b. Baltimore 1844, clerk in Tacoma 1890-1893. Reno, Nevada 1902, ladies' clothing, d. 1930. Wife Josephine Spiegel (1865-1948), no children. Niece Marie Litt Gordon.

Frank, Emily Ballin. b. Europe July 1850, in Tacoma 1897-1920. Mother of Elsa, Rosa (Mrs. Abe Goldenson) and Bertha (Mrs. Sam Sondheim)

Frank, Harry C. Mens' clothing, in Tacoma 1889-1895, partner Simon Hirsch. Several attempts at mining. Brother John d. San Francisco 1889, born Detroit, MI about 1856

Freyd, Benjamin H, clothing, Seattle 1894-1897, in Tacoma 1897-1899, then back to Seattle. Wife Rachel Silver (1873-1940), daughters Florence, Bertha, Greta, and Lois, brother Solomon Freyd (1882-1943).

Friedman, Adolph. Dry goods, real estate, loans, trunks. Born 1820's in Libau, Latvia. In Tacoma possibly 1845, 1885-1894, 1900-1911. Wife Mascha Stusser died 1950, California.

Friedman, Julius. Clothing, b. Latvia 1872, in Tacoma 1894, d. 1937. Married Augusta Stusser, 1880-1942. Children Rebecca, Saul, Abedeaux and Siegfried.

Gans, Robert, salesman, b. Ger. 1848, immigrated 1866. Tacoma 1889-1893, then SF. Died SF Nov. 5, 1921. Wife Celina Newman (1856-1920), daughters Mabel (??) and Gertrude (1877-1938, m. William J. Hoffman).

Germanus, David A.b. Hungary 1852, Oakland 1880, Tacoma 1889-1893, then Portland, OR. Wife Carrie K (1862-), son H.J. (1891-). Lost after 1920.

Goldenson, Abraham M. Rochester Clothing, b. Poland 1865, to Tacoma 1889, Seattle 1895, Tacoma 1898-1908 then Los Angeles. d. Los Angeles 1934. Wife Rosa A Frank (1874-1934), son Perceval F. (1899-1970), Frank (1907-). Rosa's sister Bertha married Abe's partner Samuel Sondheim.

Goldsmith, Belle b. San Francisco 1867, Tacoma 1885, married Henry Isaacs 1886, father Joseph in Seattle. Died Seattle 1916.

Goldstein, Rabbi. b. Poland 1857, wife Lena b. 1871. Children Sarah b. PA, Harry b. Iowa, Ida b. Washington, per 1900 census.

Goodtime, Hyman. Clothing, real estate, b. Poland 1832, lived Steilacoom 1863, d. 1879 buried Olympia. Widow Louisa b. Prussia abt. 1838, lived Tacoma 1886-1888 w/ Meyer Kaufman. Sister Sarah Goodtime married Adolph Packscher.

Gottschalk, Samuel. Great Eastern Clothing, lived Olympia, then Tacoma 1884- 1889. Possibly to California due to illness.

Gottstein cousins Liquor wholesale,Meyer (1847-1917), Kassell (1855-1912). Tacoma from Deadwood, Dakota 1883 then Seattle. Isaac Gottstein, clerk in Tacoma, 1888-1890.

Green, Herman J. Bookkeeper, b. Hungary, in Seattle 1885, Tacoma 1890-1893, then possibly Seattle again. Worked for H.W. Bryer. Relatives Lena, Joseph H.

Gross, Ellis. Dry goods, b. Rypin, Poland, 1853, Tacoma 1878-1905, d. SF 1943. Wife Johanne Olschewitz, children Lydia (Maurice Rhine), Carl and Sylvia.

Gross, David. Dry goods, b. Rypin, Poland, 1854, San Francisco 1876-1895, Tacoma 1895-1910, d. SF 1941. Wife Jennie Friedman (1863-1953,) children Leonard, Mendes, Jeffrey.

Gross, Morris. Dry goods, b. Rypin, Poland 1859, Tacoma 1879-1910, then New York, d. SF 1946. Wife Molly Bash, children Amy and Henry Arthur.

Gross, Abraham. Dry goods, b. Rypin, Poland 1866, Tacoma 1881, d. Tacoma 1895, youngest of four brothers.

Gutfeld, Mortiz. b. Germany 1833, d. Tacoma between 1896-1901. Wife Rebecca, b. 1833 Schoensee, Germany, d. Tacoma 1910. Children Rosa (1860-1923, m. Herman Zelinsky), Simon (1861-1934, m. Rose Klarnet), Charles (1864-1933), Max (1866-1923, m. Emma Lasier & Ethel Bloom), Jacob (1870-1937) and Ida (1875-1950, m. Sol Ottenheimer.)

Gutfeld, Simon. Clerk, b. abt 1861 Germany, Tacoma 1881-1889, California 1889- 1893, Tacoma 1893-, d. Tacoma 1934. Wife Rose Klarnet (1870-1957), children Hildegarde (McKee), Carl and Irwin.

Hain, Ed, barber, b. Germany 1844, in Tacoma 1885-1891, d. 1907, buried Tacoma. Children Gertrude (Edwin Heinemann), Lillie (Emil Korach), Abraham, Henry (Nellie?) and Samuel.

Hall, Joseph N. Saloon, b. Hungary 1862, in Tacoma 1889, partner Bloom, d. Tacoma 1914. Wife Sarah (b. St. Louis 1870), daughter Bernice (1898-1980, Mrs. Arthur Philbert).

Harris, Henry. Tailor, b. abt 1847, in Tacoma 1883, murdered daughter Etta Aug. 1892, then committed suicide. Wife Lena, son Sidney (m. Rebecca Jaffe 1871-1955).

Harris, Isaac. Commodities, b. CA abt 1865, Tacoma 1889-1894, brothers Hyman, Maurice, Louis. Firms in Yakima, Cle-Elum, Seattle.

Heinemann, Edwin. Clerk, b. Ger 1860, in Tacoma 1890, d. 1916. Wife Gertrude Hain, (1870-1932), children Bernhardt (1892-1892) and Estelle Epstein (1893-1919), siblings Marcus, Hugo, Charley, Sarah, Tilly.

Hershberg, Leon. wholesale liquors, b. Poland abt 1837, Pittsburg 1870, Oakland, CA 1880. Branch house Tacoma 1883-1886. Died Oakland 1891. Wife Pauline Blumberg (1842-1919,) seven children, including Harry, Jacob, Belle (Vandever).

Hirsch, Simon. Tailor, in Tacoma 1889-1895, partner Harry C. Frank, Issac Harris.

Hirschfeld, Amil/Emil, saloon, in Tacoma 1883. Sister Rosalie (1843-1914) married Hyman Zelinsky, moved to California. Relative Louis?

Hirschfeld, Louis. Dry goods. b. Germany 1843, Tacoma 1883-1885, then San Francisco. Wife Clara, children Carrie, Nettie, May, Leo and Monroe. Partner Julius Coleman.

Hirschfeld, Sigmond. Books, b. 1835, in Tacoma 1885, d. Tacoma 1914. Wife Leah, 1842-1914. Children Bertha (Mrs. Henry Krech), Morris, Clara (Haley), Rose, Edith (Mrs. Julius Stusser), Minnie (Mrs. Arthur/Bob Rinard), Arthur.

Hochstetter, Morris. Loans, b. Heinsheim, Baden 1839, in Tacoma 1891, d. 1914, nephews in Buffalo, NY. Bernard, Tacoma 1987-1903.

Hockwald, Abraham, lodging house, b. NY 1853, in Tacoma 1886-1893, then SF. Died SF 1917. Wife Rose Joseph (1866-1952), children May (1886-1969, m. Israel Levitt), Elsie (1888-1986, m. May Abrahamson, then Marcus), Lionel (1891-1976), Sigmund (1893-1972), Louis (1895-), Ruth (1897-1980, m. Guy Rodgers) and Inez (1904-1979).

Hoffman, David M. Liquor, b. 1867, in Tacoma 1890-1920's, d. SF 1947. Wife Martha Wolf b. Oregon 1867, d. SF 1948. Son Jacob H (1893-1969).

Hoffman, Harry A. Liquor, b. abt 1880, in Tacoma 1903, d. 1936, buried Tacoma. Brothers David, Louis, Samuel, sister Yetta (Mrs. Emanuel Waldock).

Holland, Samuel. J, Liquor, b. NY 1855, Ligonier, Indiana 1870s, in Spokane 1885, Tacoma 1889-1892, then Spokane, d. 1907. Wife Mary Scanlan, b. Canada 1855, sons Harry, Leon. Partner S.S. Loeb, brother Isaac, nephews Moses, Julius, Joseph.

Imes, William A. attorney, b. IN 1857, Montana 1886, in Tacoma 1893-94, died SF 1920. Wife Adele/Delia Joseph (1859-1930), daughter Clare Rader (1886-1982).

Isaacs Brothers, dry goods, in Tacoma 1883-1902. Henry (1854- m. Belle Goldsmith 1866-1916), Samuel (1856-1932), Alexander (1860-1934), Pauline (1861-), Mary (1863-1936, m. Louis Levin), Morris (1864-1934, m. Anna J.L.), Lena (1868-1945, m. Aaron Yehl), possibly Hannah (1874-1943).

Jacob, Meyer, shoes & clothing, b. 1873 Lorraine, to Tacoma 1891, to California in 1920s. Sister Florestine (1859-1936), brothers Abraham, David, Joseph. Wife Jennie Marks (1871-1945), children Armand (1902-1905), Margaret (1906-1983, m. Walter Kaplan) and Clemence (1909-2000, m. Selig, Glikbarg and Wheeler). Uncle Michael Wormser, Phoenix pioneer.

Jacobs, Moses S, clothing, b. Austria 1841, Tacoma 1891, then Portland. Wife Anna Wendum (1844-1899), children Lena (1865-1919, m. Max Broh), Rose (1867-1943, m. Archie Ash), Pauline (1873-1942, m. Sidney Prager), Edward (1875-1913) and Jeane (1878-1961, m. Albert Asher).

Jacoby, Solomon., dry goods, b. Ger 1853, to Portland, then Tacoma 1890-1906, d. Spokane 1934. Wife Bertha Meyer (1857-1943), son Julius J (1880-1949), daughter Mollie (1885-1958, m. Milton Freiberg.) Sister Frances (1852-, m. Hyam Prager).

Jaffe, Miss., 1892, probably daughter of Seattle's Louis Jaffe. Rebecca Jaffe married Sigmund Harris, son of Henry and Lena Harris. Gertrude Jaffe married Samuel Isaacs, San Francisco 1888.

Kant, Hannah, laundry & groceries. Tacoma 1887-1893.

Katz, Mark B, clerk. Born Los Angeles 1862, parents Benjamin and Virigina. Married SF's Amelia Cohn Aug. 27, 1890, then Seattle.

Kaufman, Colonel Meyer. Dry goods, b. Dramsfeld, Hanover, 1843, to Tacoma 1884, partner H. Berliner, relative P. Singerman, d. Tacoma 1891. Wife Minnie Auerbach (in Seattle 1895-1900), daughter Martha, stepsons Arthur and Max Berliner. Click here for additional perspective.

Kaufman, "Old" Meyer. Saloon/hotel/real estate, b. Golinch, Ger., 1833, to California 1860, Tacoma 1870, d. 1900. Wife Flora Fischer d. 1886, daughter Carrie (1875-1917, m. Sam Andrews.)

Kaufman, Nathan Gallewski, dry goods, b. Kempen, Poland 1847, Olympia 1880, Puyallup 1887, Aberdeen 1888, died Tacoma 1914. Wife Hulda (Toklas) 1848-1905, aunt of Alice B. Toklas.

Klaber, Herman, hops, investments, b. CA 1870, to Puyallup WA 1893, Tacoma 1896, d. 1912 on Titanic. Wife Gertrude Ginsburg, dau Bernice (Sam Jacobs), mother Bertha, sister Sarah (Herman A. Kaufman), niece Dorothy Dannhauser.

Korach, Emil, liquor, b. Hungary 1868, Tacoma 1890-1896, Alaska 1903, Akron Ohio 1920, d. OH 1926. Wife Lillie Hain (1874-1957), son Edward (1907-1967.) Partner Jacob Bloom.

Kullman, Jacob, dry goods, dry goods, Tacoma 1890-1893, partner A. Lippman, San Diego. B. 1868 SF, d 1945, m1) (Emma Sichel (1865-), m2) Jean McGregor (1880-1962) daughter Helen (1903-1962, m. VanMarter), m3) Jane (1890-1931).

Langert, Charles. Liquor, b. 1856, to Tacoma 1883-1896, 1906-, d. 1921. Wife Miriam Goodman (1876-1953), daughters Frances (1907-1993), Edith (1910-1995).

Levin, David. Barber/real estate, b. 1852 Kolmar Ger, Portland 1870, Tacoma 1873-, state legislator, d. 1911. Wife May Karnes (1862-1916), daughter Ethel (1891-1950, m. Leo Dornberg.)

Levin, Louis. Saloon, b. 1850, Portland 1870, Tacoma 1873-, SF 1884, Seattle 1891-1895, SF 1911. d. SF 1932. Married Mary Isaacs (1863-1936), sons Harold (1888-1972) and Daniel (1892-1965).

Levin, Philip. Saloon, b. 1848, Portland 1870, Tacoma 1873-1879, partner Meyer Kaufman, returned to Germany, sister Rose Flanders.

Levin, Lesser. "Satin" barber, b. 1854, Tacoma 1888-1920, d. SF 1929, youngest of four Levin brothers., married Mary Isaacs.

Levin, Marquis, watchmaker & jeweler, b. Russia abt. 1851, Tacoma 1888-1892.

Levinson, Louis N, clerk, Tacoma 1897-99, Spokane 1890, Seattle 1888.

Levy, Benjamin C, b. France 1846, Tacoma 1890, then Seattle. Wife Lena (1852-), daughter Gertrude, born Nevada 1879.

Levy, Hannah and Esther, daughters of Isaac and Henrietta. Hannah (1854-) m. William Wolff, Esther (1863-1885) m. Albert Weinberg, died 3 weeks later.

Levy, Lewis, pawnbroker, b. England 1853, Tacoma 1889-1899, Seattle 1900-, d. 1938. Married Rachel Martin (1872-1948), daughters Victoria (1893-1900), Vivian (1900-) and Lucille (1902-). Parents Isaac and Hannah in Tacoma early 90s.

Lewis, David Philip, barber supplies, b. Ger. 1861, Tacoma 1885-1892, then Portland, d. 1924. Sister Sarah (1857-1904, m. Abe Simon,) wife Maudie/Molly Stenger (1870-1926), children Adolph/Albert Lewis (1890-1965), Ruth (1891-1980, m. Isaac Neuberger), grandson Senator Richard Neuberger (1912-1960.)

Lewis, William T., junk & furniture, b. 1849 MISS, Tacoma 1890, d. 1926. Wife Lucy Martin (1853-1917), children Jennie (1885-1974, m. Bernard Comber), Edward (1887-1947), Samuel (1888-1968), Vallie (1890-1970), Sarah ((1894-1975, m. Robert Tone.)

Liebenthal, Max., cigars, b. Ger June 1851, Tacoma 1890-1893, then Syracuse, NY. Wife Dora b. 1860 Ohio, daughter Estrella b. 1885 Ohio.

Lincer, Rabbi Martin., Rabbi Temple Beth Israel 1893-1896, per Tacoma city directory.

Lippman, Abraham, clothing, b. France 1851, Tacoma 1890, d. LA 1933. Wife Hannah Seligman (1861-1950), children Lazard (1884-1973), Ray (1886-), Myrtle (1891-1985), Hazel (1894-), Melville (1899-).

Lobe, Harry, crockery, b. SF 1857, Tacoma 1885-1892, then Seattle. Wife Mary Hyatt (1870-), daughter Pearl (1889-), brothers Anatole, Leon, Gustav, Emil.

Loeb, Samuel. , brewer, b. 1862 Ligonier, IN, Tacoma 1889-1902, Seattle 1902-1916, d. SF 1947. Wife Blanche Moses (1871-1944), children Sidney (1891-1986), Lucille (1898-1908.) Siblings Tillie (m Joseph Selig), Louis (m. Cecelia), Mattie Loeb (m. Albert Weinberg), Joseph (1868-1896).

Loewenstein, Max, b. Germany 1854, Tacoma 1892-1902, then ? Wife Laura (1861-), children Leo (1882-), Herman (1884-), Ida (1885-).

Lubelski, Wladyslaw., 2nd hand goods, b.1827 Warsaw, Poland; Seattle 1889-1891, Tacoma 1891-, d. Tacoma 1894. Wife Rachel (1840-), sons Henry (1864-, m. Edith), Anton (1869-1938, m. Julia).

Magnus, David. , cigars & clerk, Tacoma 1885-1894, Seattle 1895-1923. Wife Annie Berliner (1868-1934), children Max, James, Amelia (1888-1992, m. Otis Wood).

Mamlock, Julius. Cigars & saloon, b. 1854 Kozmin, Poland, SF 1880-1883, Tacoma 1883-, d. 1914. Wife Paula Wolff, children Milton, Melvin, Henry (Gertrude Zelinsky) and Stella (Archibald Isham Button.) Brother Jacob, Richard, possibly William.

Mamlock, Richard. Saloon & farm, b. 1852, Tacoma 1890, d. 1928. Brothers Julius and Jacob.

Mamlock, William. Upholstery, b. Prussia 1822, Tacoma 1889-1897, d. Colma, CA 1903. Wife Henrietta (1821-1905), children Rachael (1852-1926, m. Christian Thede), Jane (1858-), Sarah (1859-), Bertha (1866-1942, m. Maurice David), Jennie (1866-1889, d. Tacoma), Henrietta (1870-1939. Possible Julius.

Mankovitz. Brief mention.

Martin, Vallie/Welcome, b. 1833 England, widow Mordecai, Tacoma 1890-1899, then Seattle. Children Lucy (1854-1917, m. Wm Lewis), Samuel (1856-), Joseph (1858-), David (1859-), Deborah (1863-1932), Isaac (1866-), Jacob (1868-), Ida (1869-), Rachel (1872-1948, m. Louis Levy).

Marx, Emile. Liquor, b. Alsace 1867, Tacoma 1888-1893, then Portland & Seattle, d. 1949. Wife Julia Goldsmith (1866-), brother Louis/Leon, (1869), nephews Jerome and Paul Pickard.

Molin, Adolf F, barber, b. Sweden, Tacoma 1890, d. 1912. Brother Malte A. Molin.

Moses, Isaac., burlap bags, b. Latvia 1875, Tacoma 1892-1930s, d. Portland 1934. Partner Winkleman family.

Moses, Morris. Cigars, b. France 1837, Gallipolis Ohio 1860s, Tacoma 1889-1902, then Seattle, d. 1917. Wife Lena d. Tacoma 1894. Children Nannie (1862-1943,) Marcus (1863-1946), Hattie (1865-1947, m. Kaufman), Blanche (1870-1944, m. Sam Loeb), Fannie (1871-?), David M (1873-1923, m. Jean Franklin).

Moyses, Sam and Ben. Liquor. Sam Tacoma 1889-1891. Ben F b. IN 1862, Tacoma 1892-1903, then Seattle? Relatives Albert Weinberg, Sam Loeb..

Myers, Max G & Johanna B, cigars & liquor, Tacoma 1889-1897, then Portland. Max d. 3/25/1915. Johanna's siblings Morris, Regina, Zerline & Melvina Ball.

Olsen, Lauritz A. Olsen, Lauritz A, saloon, b. Norway 1857,Tacoma 1888-1910, Aberdeen 1920, d. 1923. Wife Barbara Vogelbaum (1863-1912), children Louis (1883-), Sadie (1885-), and Fred (1887-). Barbara's mother Fanny, widow of Solomon, Tacoma 1892+.

Ostheim, Herman, cigars, b. Prussia abt 1840, Portland 1870, Tacoma 1873-1874, then possibly Seattle, d. 1889. Relative Felix, Eloise, Henry Clay Ostheim.

Ottenheimer, Solomon. Ottenheimer, Solomon, driver, b. Ger. 1867, Tacoma 1890- d. 1921. Wife Ida Gutfeld (1875-1950), 3 infants, sons Albert (1904-1980) and Eldon (1909-1993.)

Packscher, Adolph. dry goods, b. Grandenz, Poland 1836, Steilacoom 1858-1876, Tacoma 1881-1884, d. SF 1899. Wife Sarah Goodtime (1844-1927), twelve children b 1863-1890, three grandchildren, no descendants. Sister Seraphina married partner Isaac Pincus, also sisters Dora, Annie, Jane.

Peritz, Zadek, b. Kempen, Poland 1832, Tacoma 1884-1885. In-laws Meyer Kaufman, Herman Auerbach.

Peyser, Caroline., widow of Sigmund, b. Mass 1847, Portland 1880, Tacoma 1892-1902, d. Portland 1907. Sons Samuel Nelson (1867-1892), Marcus Mantel (1876-1894), and William F (1872-1949, peddlar).

Pincus, Isaac., hops merchant, b. 1833 Grodno, Poland; Steilacoom WA 1858-1881, Tacoma 1881-, d. Tacoma 1920. Wife Seraphine Packscher (1837-1905). Children James (1865-1917), Marcus (1867-1940), Isabelle (1869-1968), Julius (1870-1922), Bessie (1871-1939), Harry (1873-1911) & Minnie (1877-1877).

Posner, Samuel., dry goods, b. 1852 Ger., Tacoma 1889-1906, d. Portland 1911. Wife Jennie (1865-1920), daughters Sara E (1883-1974, m. Dr. Samuel Gellert) and Ruth (1892-1920, m. Edward Kramer). Relative Charles, m. Elizabeth.

Postman, Charles M., liquor, b. Ger. Abt 1860, Tacoma 1891, then SF, d. bet 1910-1913. Wife Frances Rosenfeld (1867-1947), daughters Rita (1890-) and Felice (1900-).

Prager, Hyman, dry goods, b. Prussia abt 1846, San Francisco 1870s, Portland 1880-1900, Tacoma location 1889-1895, Spokane 1910, 1920, d. 1922. Wife Frances Jacoby (1852-1922), dau Rose (1875-), son Sidney (1876-1947). Brothers William (NY), partner Louis (1848-1930.)

Prager, Sydney., clothing, b. Portland 1876, Tacoma 1890-1894, then Spokane, d. 1947. Wife Pauline Jacobs (1873-1942), daughters Rita Jean (1895-1948) and Eleanor Amy (1896-1952).

Rammelsberg, Julius, cigars & liquor, b. 1860 Ger., Cincinnati, OH 1870-1880, Tacoma 1890-, d. 1931. Wife Jennie Ascher (1868-1944). Parents Moses & Bertha.

Raphael, Celia, fundraiser, b. CA 1862, visited Tacoma 1890-1891, Portland 1892-, d. Portland 1924. Married Isaac Leeser Cohen (1862-1943), sons Leeser R (1893-1920) and David S (1899-1942.)

Reese, Clement T, groceries, b. Walla Walla 1865, Tacoma 1889-1892, d. SF 1945. Parents Isham and Martha, siblings Fannie May (1863-1940, m. Jonathan Redman), Lublu B (1867-), Frederick T (1876-1930, m. Daisy Wood).

Reichenbach, Charles., clothing, b. 1841 Breslau Ger., Union Army 1860s, Menominee WI 1870-1875; Chicago 1875-1885, Tacoma 1885-1893, Seattle 1893-1896, SF 1896-, d. Jan. 1922. Married 1) Julia Stein, (1847-1880), sons Oscar (1871-1929), Edwin (1874-), Walter (1878-1919). Married 2) Belle Einstein (1848-1932), daughters Eda (1883-1949) & Tess (1886-1981).

Robinson, Saul., tailor, b. 1856, Tacoma 1889-, Everett 1920, 1930, d. 1932. Wife Yetta 1851-1914, children Herbert L (1889-?, m. Pauline Bunning), Florence Dora, (1891), rel. Valentine Schreck.

Rogers, Solomon., tailor, b. 1859 Ger., Tacoma 1889-1892, Seattle 1897-1930. Wife Eva Abrams (1866-1961), children Florence (1887-) Mendelsohn, Harold (1889-), Freda (1891-) and Rose (1895-) Fisher.

Rosenbaum, Martin. Salesman, Tacoma 1888-1891. Wife Lena, daughter Loretta b. WA 1889.

Rosendorn, Max V H, candy maker, b. Ger. abt 1850, Tacoma 1891-1893, Butte Montana 1902, Tacoma again 1910, single.

Rosenheim, Ervine & Milton, insurance and clerk. Born Philadelphia 1865 and 1868, Tacoma 1890-1891, then back to PA and RI. Sons of Pauline Einstein and David Rosenheim, nephews of Belle Reichenbach.

Rosenthal, Leopold, clerk for Charles Reichenbach, boarded in his home, Tacoma 1888-1890, Portland 1891.

Rosengarden, Gustave M. Shoemaker, Tacoma 1890-1891.

Salhinger, Henry., boots and shoes, b. NY 1855, Tacoma 1890-1892, d. Everett 1922. Wife Sarah (1869-1937), daughters Nettie (1883-) and Pauline (1892-). Brothers Samuel, Israel, Moses & Louis, father Julius.

Schapeero, Jacob. Driver, b. 1862 Poland, Tacoma 1898-1931. M1) Sadie Reznek (1867-1900), children Mary (1888-? M. Houseman), Rose (1891-1989 m. Albert Ross), Elias (1894-1948, m. Lilian Kulman), David (1895-), Ezra (1897-1970, m. Goldine Levin), Harry (1898-1975). Children sent to SF Orphanage. Then m2) Sadie's sister Rebecca Reznek (1881-1944), children Leonard (1907-1979, m. Evelyn) & Frank (1911-1997, m. Mary Oliver). Jacob & Rebecca divorced 1914, Rebecca then married Frank Hale, children took his name.

Silverman, Simon. Jeweler, b. . Poland Dec. 14,1855, immigrated 1877, naturalized Boston 1884, Tacoma 1893-, d. Tacoma 1919.

Simon, Abe. Shoemaker, b. Ger. abt 1843, Tacoma 1883 from California, d. abt. 1894, possibly Colorado. Two wives, dozen children, brother Sam. Wife Sarah Lewis (1857-1904) sister to D. P. Lewis.

Sondheim, Samuel, Rochester Clothing, b. Ger. 1860, Tacoma 1890-1930, also stores in Seattle & Aberdeen, d. SF 1933. Married Bertha Frank (1871-1946), son Leonard E (1897-1960), relatives Albert & Celia, partner A.M. Goldenson

Soulal, Louis Cohen, infant, b. SF, d. Tacoma October 1894. Parents Mathilde Debreuil and Moise Cohen-Soulal (jeweler) returned to Europe.

Stein Brothers, Max (1866-), Albert (1868-) and Oswald (1876-), clothing, b. Waukesha, WI, Tacoma 1889-1890, then Milwaukee and Chicago. Father Charles in Everett in 1893.

Steinfield, Albert. Brief mention 1890, wife Bettina Donau.

Steinman, Mrs. Adolph J (Virginia Donau). b. 1869 NY, lived Colorado, California, then Tacoma 1892-1897, daughter Adele (1889-1969, m. Simon), parents Simon Donau and Amelia Sanger.

Stusser, Herman. Clothing, b. 1857 Lativa, Tacoma 1893-, d. 1921. Wife Betty (1856-1948), 9 children. Brother Solomon, 10 children. Sisters Mascha (Adolph Friedman) Bluma (P.J. Yudelson), and Jennie (Hugo Stusser.)

Stusser, Hugo. Clothing, b. 1856 Latvia, Tacoma 1896-, d. 1929. Wife Jennie (1863-1928), children Augusta (Julius Friedman), Charles, Bessie (Caplan), Sam, Ben, Julius, and Lena (Pearl). Jennie's brother Herman immig. 1902, b. 1857 Lativa, Tacoma 1893-, d. 1921, wife Betty (1856-1948), 9 children. Jennie's brother Solomon immig. 1907, 10 children. Jennie's sisters Mascha (Adolph Friedman) and Bluma (P.J. Yudelson).

Stusser, Julius, shoemaker, b. Latvia 1868, Tacoma 1892, Spokane 1910 & 1920, then California, d. 1941. Wife Edith Hirschfeld (1869-1951) parents Leah and Sigmund Hirschfeld. Daughter Bernice Wolff Williams, (1898-1983.)

Summerfield, Morris. Clothing, b. 1859 Mass., Portland 1880, Tacoma 1886-1913, d. Portland 1932. Wife Rebecca Davies (1861-1945), children Louis D. (1888-1960) and Caroline (1891-1968).

Todtman, Nathan, real estate, b. Elmira, NY 1856, Tacoma 1890-92, then Seattle, d. 1919. Parents Isaac & Julia, twin brother Meyer, Seneca Falls NY (1856-1925).

Vogelbaum, Mrs. Fanny (Livingstone), widow of Solomon, Tacoma 1893-96. Daughter Barbara (1862-1912, m. L.A. Olsen), son Jacob (1878-), born Germany

Von Schroeder, Ernest, b. Ger. abt 1844, Olympia 1877, Tacoma 1885, d. April 1887 Milwaukee.

Wadlin, George E, tinsmith, b. Belfast, Maine 1854, Oregon 1881, Tacoma 1890-1900, then Seattle and California, d. LA March 24, 1922. Wife Belle Knowlton (1857-1944), son Fred (1881-1961.)

Wallerstein, Louis. Candymaker, b. 1849 Ger., Tacoma 1883-1896, SF 1897-1928. Wife Carrie Cohen (1855-1942), children Herman (1885-1929), Henry (1887-1894), David (1889-1965) Alma (1891-1982 m. Irving Davis), Irving (1894-1894), Emily (1896-1958 m. Gerson Rummelsburg), Bernyce (1898-1999), and Monroe (1901-1985).

Weinberg, Albert, Liquor, b. 1857 Thorn, Ger., Tacoma 1883-1906, then Seattle and SF, d. 1935. M 1) Esther Levy (1864-1885), sister of Hannah Levy Wolff; m2) Mattie Loeb, (1863-1958), sister of Sam Loeb.

Werther, Albert, saloon, b. abt 1840 Prussia, Colorado 1880, Montana 1884, Tacoma 1890. Known as "Smiling Albert."

Winkleman, Henry P. Junk/iron, b. Ger. 1855, Seattle 1890, Tacoma 1892- d. 1911. Wife Lottie (1858-1932), children Ella (1880-), Raphael (1881-1916), Julia (1884-1975), Minnie (1885-1969), Gabriel (1887-1906), Rose (1891-1987), Isidore (1893-1963), Meyer (1895-1965) Lottie & family to Portland in 1917.

Winslow, Henry C., bookeeper, Tacoma 1890, brief mention.

Wolf, Edward, cigars, b. abt 1856 Austria, SF 1875, Tacoma 1890-, SF 1900, d. 1924. Wife Minna Lewin (1864-1927), children Claire (1891-), Rose (1892-, m. Carl Foorman), and Lester (1896-). Partner Arthur Lewin, Seattle. Relatives Bernardo Heringhi and Minnie Weilheimer.

Wolff, Louis., General store, b. Ger. 1826, lived SF, then Victoria BC. Tacoma 1883-1896. Died Oakland 1896. Wife Sarah (1835-1912), children Annie (1858-1914, m. Leopold Lefebvre), Rosa (1860-1935), William (1861-1938), Rachel (1864-1908), Gustave (1866-1888, buried Olympia).

Wolff siblings, b. Lautenberg, Ger, bakers, Tacoma 1883-. Samuel b. 1848, d. Seattle 1925. Leopold b. 1854, to Spokane 1897, d. 1921, wives Ernestine, Sadie and Sarah. A Jacob, liquor, (1865-1939), m. Annie Brown and Lutie Sternberg. Herman, b. 1867, d. Spokane 1934. Sisters Adeline (1856-1898, m. Amil Zelinsky,) Paula (1858-1944, m. Julius Mamlok,) Fanny (1864-1947, m. Max Cohn,) and Fredricka (m. Heymann Salomon.)

Wolff, William. b. Prussia 1841, Oregon 1872, Tacoma 1888-1892. Wife Hannah Levy (1854-), children Celia (1876- 1926, m. Joseph Levy), Libbey/Louise (1881-1946, m. Max Goldsmith), Isaac (1881-1919, m. Bertha Moses), Esther (1885-1948, m. Wm J Brown).

Yehl, Aaron, cigars, b. SF 1864, Tacoma 1888-1893, then SF, d. 1932. Wife Lena Isaacs (1868-1945), dau. Hilda (1889-1890.) Siblings Josephine, Natalie, Samuel, Isaac, Charles, Myrtle, Maurice and Reine.

Zelinsky, Amil. Mt. Tacoma Grocery, b. 1850 Soldau, West Prussia. Oregon 1870, CA 1880, Tacoma 1882-, d. 1925. Wife Adeline Wolff, 1856-1898. Children Henry, Meta (Joseph Quintal), Ida, Morris and Frances (George Washburn.)

Zelinsky, Solomon. Berlin Grocery, b. 1852 Soldau, Tacoma 1884-, d. 1922. M1) Ida, then M2) Jette Ascher (1862-1916.) Children Hugo, Gertrued (Henry Mamlock) and two infants.

Zelinsky, Herman. Grocer, b. 1859 Thorne, Germany, Tacoma 1882-, d. 1943. Wife Rosa Gutfeld (1860-1923.) Son Walter (1889-1944.)

Zelinsky, Hyman. Grocer, b. 1833 in Prussia, Oregon 1870, CA 1880, Tacoma 1882-1888, d. SF 1898. Wife Rosalia Hirschfield (brother Amil) (1843-1914.) Children Johann, Jennie (Markowitz), Meta (Charmak,) Annie, Leon, and Louis.

Zelinsky, Joseph. Peddlar, b. 1861 Soldau, Tacoma 1890-, d. 1909. Wife Sophie Maretsky (1863-1937), moved to Butte, Montana, then Portland. Sons Benno, Leo and Fred. Joseph was a half-brother of Amil, Solomon and Herman.